Will child marriage ever end?

Written by Ashna Salsabil

July 9, 2020

Meghla Akhter, 20, is currently Child Forum Vice President at World Vision Bangladesh and also a Youth Venturer at Ashoka. Now she is working to build awareness for Covid-19 prevention. Meghla stopped a spectacular number of 14 child marriages and counting, which includes her own as well. A few days back, I interviewed her, and here is what she had to say.

“I find peace in what I do”

So adventurous life is. What’s your feeling about it?
Surely my life is full of ventures. Ever since I have joined Ashoka, it has been a roller coaster ride for me. I got a platform to work. I am blessed to be in this.

Would you share the story when you were about to get married as a child?
Yes, of course. In 2014, soon after my father passed away, my marriage was fixed to a man thrice my age. By taking shelter in a teacher’s place, fortunately, I was able to stop that, and I am glad even though the consequences I faced were inexpressible.

Since 14, you are into this whole thing. Indeed, you enjoy this. Don’t you?
Of course, I do. This work brings me happiness, honour, and respect to the next level.

Can you remember any unusual incident which happened during your missions?
Once I stopped a child marriage of a girl named Ela Moni, and when her family came to know that I was behind it, her father came to threaten me.

Anything about world missions abroad?
I travelled to Srilanka, Myanmar, Belgium, and Malaysia for different child marriage campaigns and learned a lot.

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