The story of Seeam Shahid Noor and his platform The Bangladeshi Perspective

September 15, 2020

Seeam Shahid Noor

The existent gap believed to be between people on a pedestal and the so-called “common people”, or simply put, Power Distance is a culturally prevalent view in Bangladesh. It impacts the youth striving to understand what is on the other side of the proverbial hill to succeed. To understand many perspectives and broaden the horizon, it is essential to have some sort of linkage with the achievers. Here comes in The Bangladeshi Perspective – a personal project of Seeam Shahid Noor which aims to alleviate miscommunication and create a bridge to elevate significant interaction.

A straightforward way to start your journey of being successful in any field is to study the success of relatable people in that field

In conversation with the man himself, when asked about this project, Seeam says, “A straightforward way to start your journey of being successful in any field is to study the success of relatable people in that field.” Inspired from the book ‘The 4-Hour Workweek’ and the work of Tim Ferriss (who studies and interviews successful people and tries to bring out what they have in common) Seeam decided to build a platform that aims to connect Bangladeshi students with insights of amazing people around the world.

As our conversation with him expands, he contemplates on how coming to Harvard has broadened his field of vision. Before attending Harvard University, he had a feeling that only people with multipotential and high intelligence study here and thus considered himself lucky to have the opportunity. But soon he unveiled this wasn’t entirely true. He realized that they all had replicable everyday habits.

Seeam started his venture to share the stories of people who are worth sharing. His vision is that any young Bangladeshi can reach The Bangladeshi Perspective website and look at their interview repository and find relatable advice in any field of interest. He is optimistic that within a few weeks, they can make it to their initial goal. His journey of interviewing people and their stories has even helped him in developing absolute inspiration.

Before we finished our conversation, Seeam left our readers with some advice: “While starting something you might find yourself under a lot of pressure and lose the motivation to keep working on it. Try to find mentors who can guide you during these times and set small daily measurable goals. Achieving them and getting that feeling of progress will help you keep motivated to pursue your long term vision

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