The story of Sabira Mehrin who’s trying to break the stereotypical norms

Written by Areyan Ahmed

July 27, 2020

” Come back home before dusk”, “Take your brother along with you”, “Pull your veil before going out” – breaking the stereotypical society norms Sabira Mehrin found ‘Wander Woman’, a pioneering platform as a primary advisor and information hub that women can rely on before planning their trips.

“Providing informations that you can’t Google and finding like-minded travel buddies was the main idea behind forming Wander Woman”

How was the inception of Wander Woman?

As a traveller, I, myself fell into grave trouble on my very first solo international trip. It made me perceive the importance of having a travel guide and ended up forming Wander Woman. We arranged our first grand meet-up – a daylong journey in Basecamp, Gazipur and surprisingly all the tickets were sold within two days. Since then onwards we organised trips for more than 150girls and events for about 1000+ women.

How do you balance your professional life?

I have a team( Suzana Kamal, Joshita Sharlin Khan and some others who work voluntarily ) that runs WW. Except that I look after it during weekends.

How did you generate revenue from WW?

We mainly generate revenue by arranging international and domestic group trips except that we sell travel merchandise and promote brands.

How did you reach the DIANA AWARDS?

Once you get nominated, they check your profile and experience and at last get selected.

Why would women choose WW as their travel mate?

WW ensures the best facilities by working with leading travel agencies of countries. We also collaborated with more than 50 partners(mostly women-led) to empower women. Some of our unique features are peer to peer exchange of travel SIM and currencies, travel buddies match, anonymous feedback and more. We have also organised our first virtual entrepreneurial event this July – ‘ Virtual Wander Ventures 2020’, a fair for our entrepreneur travellers. We also have launched WW Academy, an empowerment wing to connect women to certified instructors for self-defence considering the sexual harassment they faced during domestic trips.

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