Power of volunteering – the story of Mithela Haque

Written by Areyan Ahmed

July 12, 2020

Mithela Haque, founder of “Power to bloom”, a self- funded community service providing a team of youth activists who are voluntarily working to improve the new generation of Bangladesh. Socialist minded young Mithela has been aspiring to serve her generation since adolescent age. Breaking all the obstacles, Mithela finally started her journey in 2016.

“I have no story. I am just a simple girl doing as much as I can do”

How was your journey of Power to Bloom as a person?
It all started in a debate school where many students gathered together and discussed the problems of street children. We wanted to implement all our ideas to help those children and ended up forming an organisation “Bhalobasha”. But due to our age and lack of communication, as the internet was just a myth back then, we had to back off. But back in my mind I always remembered my mom’s words,
“You can always help them when you grow up gaining more knowledge and experiences.”
In 2017, finally, with 25 students from my university, we formed “Power to Bloom”. We shared our ideas and plans. We started our project by targeting impoverished teenagers.

Did you face any social or financial obstacle while working?
Yes. We are often neglected when we offer to do any mental health project in schools. But we tried to deal it sensibly and pursued them. And since we are self-funded, we did face some financial issues, but we tried to facilitate people with our skills as most of our projects were training programs which didn’t require much finance.
I am grateful enough to have a sportive and supportive team.

What are your future goals?
Now we are doing projects focusing on child protection and peace in society. We mainly aim to work with children now.

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