Tasin Al Rafid, in empowering the active youths

October 19, 2020

Tasin Al Rafid

Tasin Al Rafid, the man behind Active Bangladesh is probably one of the humblest human one can think of. The entire interview was a lively experience of understanding the momentous effect of social welfare. How empowering the underprivileged youths can drive us towards dynamic changes as a nation was vital in the conversation.

If you are a little more privileged than another, do help. It works as a support system you cannot imagine.

Gratify us by unravelling the milieu behind the incipiency of Active Bangladesh.

There’s a pretty riveting story behind the commencement of Active Bangladesh. While I was returning to Bogra, even before reaching home, I met a junior of mine in a tea stall. There we discussed creating a platform that will engage youths who will work for our society with little acts of responsibility. We also intended to manoeuvre more young people in our project through skill development programs. 

Since it’s a social action project, did Corona pandemic affect the venture?

At the time of inception, it was January this year and such an idiosyncratic pandemic was far beyond our sphere of knowledge. We initiated long-term projects but we have to change the entire strategic plan in order to sustain our project.

Active Bangladesh holds benefaction in multiple avenues, is there a certain kind of financing?

With a motive to ameliorate people’s crisis, initially, we started serving from our personal funding. Later we sought donations. Eventually, we realized, in the prevalent Corona pandemic many companies invested in social assistance programs and getting aid has become tough. Thus we inaugurated ‘Active Youth Webinar’.

Would you tell us about the revenue model?

We began as a non-profit organisation but now we are planning some social business policies to sustain the vigorous team that grew with time.

You seem very attached to your work. We would love to know the intrapersonal fascination that triggered you to persuade this venture.

I was involved in various activities and worked with many organisations. I am involved with Red Crescent and am currently the country head of Sachh Bangladesh. The fact that many of them stand beside people in crisis, fascinated me. All of these motivated me to come ahead and work for society. Active Bangladesh gives me an opportunity to do social welfare the way I want.

Is there any probable ‘ Next Big Thing’ like previously you inaugurated ‘ Active Youth Webinar’?

We are generating ‘Ahlad’ which can be termed as an online shopping complex. This prodigious venture tends to create a marketplace for students and young entrepreneurs by promoting their products. Another program that is “Tech and skill development campaign” is going to be launched within next week.

It’s very engrossing to know your interest in stage drama. We are immensely curious to learn about it.

I started stage drama at the age of 3 as I started going to Bangladesh Shishu Academy along with my elder sister. I was a junior stage drama artist for more than 8 years. The small seed of interest grew at an early stage, ignited into a sense of passion later. I received the best award of my life from stage drama; “Monchokuri Podok” in 2011 which is a national award.

Where do you want to see Active Bangladesh 5 years from now!

The youths of rural regions of our country are not sufficiently concerned about technologies and they lack skills required to sustain effectively. We aim to unite all the youths or at least most youths from every Upazilas and get them acquainted with recent work skills and tech-related facts. Apart from that, we do want to unite the youths from relatively more developed areas with those who are less privileged.

What do you have to say to the potential youths who are longing for your precious words!

We are humans, our little acts of responsibility towards our society ought to change the environment we live in. If you are a little more privileged than another, do help. It works as a support system you cannot imagine.

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