Sheikh Inzamam: an insightful journey to the unknown problems

Written by Areyan Ahmed

September 2, 2020

This time, we bring you the insightful journey of a DIANA award 2020 recipient and Commonwealth Youth Awardee. He is a visionary leader who has set his way to fix children’s statistics having learning disabilities. He is the founder and CEO of Study Buddy, Sheikh Inzamam. Here is a glimpse of our question-answer session with Sheikh Inzamam.
“Be happy and spread happiness”it is my motto- Sheikh Inzamam.
What was the main idea behind the inception of Study Buddy? It all started with my family’s struggles while dealing with my childhood buddy, my elder sister, who was identified with Autism. Experiencing all the difficulties with her, I always wanted to take any initiative to help the mentally disabled ones. And finally, such an opportunity arrived in May of 2018 when the German Embassy arranged Small Scale Development Projects in Dhaka. He presented his idea of Study Buddy, an initiative to help children with learning disabilities like Dyscalculia, Dyslexia, and Autism. Being a CSE graduate, I wanted to indulge in technology(augmented reality) to solve these children’s education problems. Finally, my idea came to reality when I was announced to be the winner of that program. What is Study Buddy? Study Buddy is an alternative learning platform for kids with learning disabilities. We create a contextual source that includes Augmented reality, IoT, etc. We have also published some augmented reality books. Apart from that, we provide a service where we connect our 60+ psychological experts(physiotherapists, psychotherapists, and educators) with those special children’s parents. We have provided our service to nearly 2500 parents and children. We also create awareness about the unknown types of learning disabilities which reside in 3 out of every 10children. We have organized ten school campaigns and helped around 30,000 people to spread awareness.
With so many other organizations to support, why would people choose Study Buddy? Study Buddy is the first organization in Bangladesh to solve learning disability issues using technology. We are completely research-oriented. Normal kids can easily get a home tutor, but the same is not a special child’s case. We provide them liable home care service and expert educators, unlike other organizations. How important do you think it is to be a technology expert to bring such initiatives? Education and technology go hand-in-hand in Study, Buddy. So my initiative asks for such requirements. Although technology does play a role, it isn’t everything to solve such issues. Creating awareness doesn’t require any technical knowledge. How did you manage your way to the DIANA Memorial Award 2020 and Commonwealth Youth Award? To get DIANA awards, you, or particularly your initiative(organization or incorporation), need to be nominated by someone who has worked with you (not your family). I was nominated by a special educator who worked with me. One day, they informed me about the confirmation of my nomination, and thus, after several other formal procedures, they honored me with such stature. This year, 13 among the 54 commonwealth countries were selected in the Commonwealth Youth Award, and I was the only recipient in Bangladesh. What were the challenges you face/are facing while operating Study Buddy? The very first problem we faced was funding. Initial funding was covered by the 10,000 Euros provided by the German Embassy program. Later on, we also managed to get a good amount of funding and mentoring by participating in the “Toru Impactor Program.” We also faced some challenges while interviewing some experts and doctors regarding the initiative. What would be your message for our youth readers? To initiate a start-up, you don’t need a million dollars. You need to incorporate a group of people who want to join your initiative. Build your network and reach more people.

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