Rafee Mizan Khan Niloy: Creating a one-stop solution to promote a brand

Written by Ashna Salsabil

July 29, 2021

Rafee MIzan

Rafee Mizan Khan Niloy is a CSE graduate from BRAC University. During the beginning of his university life, he alongside his two other partners opened a merchandising company and eventually started TEN’s 360. Here’s what he had to say:

Could you share the background story of how you guys started TEN’S Posters and merchandise which was the first step to start TEN’S 360?

The music scenario of Bangladesh was really thriving back in 2013 when we just started University. Concerts were held every week and youngsters used to make posters, wristbands and what not, to show their love for their favorite bands. But these were only available in New Market. So, it was challenging to get hands on those and it just wasn’t worth it.  At that time, due to the need for merchandise, we came up with the idea of starting our company, “TEN’S Posters and Merchandise”. 

That was really inspiring. Is this where you started TEN’S 360 as well?

Actually, no. When we were working as a merchandise company, we did a lot of work. We were the official merchandise provider of bands like ARTCELL, NEMESIS, CRYPTIC CHAIN. But after working for quite some time in the music industry we thought of moving to the corporate world and it was at that time when an idea crossed our mind. In 2016, we thought as we are doing everything, why don’t we create a one-stop service provider of everything that a company/organization might need.  From there, we launched Ten’s 360 as the mother company of Ten’s Posters and merchandise. This is how we started ten’s 360.

So, at the moment what kind of services are TEN’S 360 offering?

At the moment we are providing everything a company/organization might need starting from Digital Marketing, Web, App & Software support, Merchandise Branding to all sorts of Printing Services for their promotion.

If you could tell me a little bit about how you managed to fund and how many members are working?

Initially, we started with our own investment. But in 2016, when we came up with TEN’S 360, we required large funding and luckily it was at that time when we won a competition hosted by BRAC Centre for Entrepreneurship Development and was rewarded with huge prize money, free workspace in BRAC, and free mentorship for 5 years. Since then, TEN’S 360 has been working out really well, and currently, we are a family of 18 members.

How are you coping with the pandemic situation right now?

As we work in the digital sector, we are blessed to do our work from home. Even though at the beginning of the pandemic, we faced some problems but after coming up with some strategies we are doing pretty well now by the grace of Almighty. Moreover, we had some savings up our sleeves for situations like this. So those came to help as we were able to provide salary to all of our members.

Nice! So, where do you see TEN’S 360 in the future?

As the industry we are working in is global so, five years down the line, we want to have a second office, but not in Bangladesh. We have clients in Australia, Canada, the USA, Europe, etc. So, we have already started working internationally. Hence in the future, we definitely want to see TEN’s 360 as an international organization.

How exciting! Team Entreur wishes you all the best for the future. Finally, do you want to say anything to the young generation?

Yes. Why not? It is really admirable to see a lot of young people now in this corporate world. But I feel it is actually really important for them to find out their passion and if possible, turn it to your profession.

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