Meet Onindo Ahmed and his passion for connecting thinkers

Written by Ashna Salsabil

September 7, 2020

Onindo Ahmed

Being one of the Co-founders and Envisioners at Thinkdemy, Onindo Ahmed believes that every work is related to designing. He is also the Senior Communication Designer at Notionhive. Recently, we at Entreur sat with him and got to know his story.

No matter what hurdles you face, you are sure to come out successful if you have the zeal for it.

Could you please unfold the mystery behind such an amazing platform, Thinkdemy?

At the beginning of my university (which I dropped out of), I started to get interested in designing. So much so that I, along with five friends, founded a company named ‘We Design.’ At ‘We Design,’ we noticed for the first time that individuals from various disciplines are coming up with simple solutions to specific problems, putting it simply (pun intended). With this in mind, I, along with two outstanding personas Affan M Chowdhury and Iftekhar Azam, founded Thinkdemy in November 2017. I am incredibly grateful to them as well as my entire team for being with me throughout the journey.

How is the cross-disciplinary method different, and why do you think it is more effective than other methods?

You see, when you are addressing a problem or solving it, you need to find the perfect balance between Feasibility, viability, and desirability. Hence when people from diverse disciplines collaborate, they can come out with an innovative solution.

How did your proclivity towards education become so strong? Would you like to share any incident?

Back in 2016-2017, I was quite an active trainer. During that time, I was sent to a government-initiated training program. There I met a learner named Monira who didn’t even know about the computer’s ABC’s. But to my surprise, it took only a month of training for her to become one of the toppers. This incident made me realize that if we can enable people with the right kind of knowledge, they can make the impossible things possible. Here at Thinkdemy, we enable individuals by fostering them in a cross-disciplinary environment with industry insights and guidance from the experts.

How’s the reach and funding situation of the platform so far, may I ask bluntly?

It is mostly within our expectations. Being in marketing helps us quite a bit in gathering an audience. In January 2018, we launched our very first public event named DO YOU EVEN THINK. This was, for us, a significant hit with more than 100 counted participants. One of the reasons we have been successful so far is because of our prototypes hosted periodically. We are thrilled to have more than 1700 registered participants. And if I come to the fundings, both self and crowdfunds are consistent. Sponsorships come of help too.

Has the pandemic affected the platform?

Yes, of course, it has. Before COVID hit the world, we weren’t organizing any public event for over a year. So during the quarantine, we resumed the journey by revamping our website. We are now taking four-hour long masterclasses every week and regularly having online events.

Where do you plan to see Thinkdemy in the future?

So far, the plan is to make it a platform where one can work on their products, businesses, and ideas as much as they want. We aim to popularize on-demand education through our redesigned assessment and evaluation system. This is something we believe needs to see the light of the day.

I wish you all the best. Any words for the young aspirers?

This is your time in life. Explore. Try out new things. Just go for it.

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