Meet Ahsan Rony who’s transforming the tourist-scape of Bangladesh

Written by Areyan Ahmed

September 25, 2020

Ahsan Rony

Growing up, many of us aspire to travel all around the world. But some among us consider travelling more than just a hobby. They involve travelling in their professions as well. This time we are bringing you the story of such a person. Ahsan Rony, a bohemian Bangladeshi traveller, is the founder and CEO of Travel Bangladesh Limited. Here is an insight into his conversation with Entreur.

Only if a startup company manages to make the best out of a problem, it can lead in future

How would you describe Travel Bangladesh Limited?

I would describe it as a Travel Catalogue. Travel BD provides detailed information about the divisions, districts and tourist spots of Bangladesh. Information such as – the history of the place, where to stay, way of transportation etc. We provide the information in both English and Bangla language. The motive is to represent Bangladesh. I want people to get a glimpse of Bangladesh when they are searching online for places to visit. We also help the travel agencies, hotels and airlines to promote making videos, developing their websites and in other possible ways. You can visit our website TravelBD

What attracted you to incept Travel Bangladesh?

During my varsity days, due to various extracurricular activities, I had to travel in and out of the country. While travelling, I came across some platforms where people could search for tourism spots and places. Eventually, travelling became my hobby, and after completing my education, I wanted to make travelling more than just a hobby. I wanted to indulge it in my profession. As a result, I came up with the idea of Travel Bangladesh.

How did you build your team?

As a part of the cultural society of Dhaka University, I connected with many people. Later on, when I initiated Travel BD, many of my familiar people joined me. From then on, I have some of my friends who are still supporting me with their expertise. Other than that, we have recruited new writers from time to time.

How did you fund it at the beginning?

When I posted in social media about my idea, some organisations came forward to provide financial support. But some of my mentors suggested not to accept any outer funding for the time being and bear it ownself. So, initially, we funded it by ourselves. We invested our savings and at times took money from our families too. We emphasised on building the infrastructure of the website which didn’t require much money. But once we started earning some amount from our website, we finally invested in some materials like a drone for our website.

How do you generate revenue from your firm?

We never rushed to generate any revenue from the firm. Reaching people and expanding it utmost was always our priority. Eventually, we started making paid videos for travel agencies and airlines. It works as a win-win deal for both, and also they get promoted by our website. Other than that, we also generate some revenue from the contents of our website and sometimes from our social media. We also plan to establish a helpline service for the airlines so that the travellers can enjoy some deduction from the general cost. We have also got a grant from the Startup Bangladesh(an event organised by the government to fund the entrepreneurs).

What are your future plans regarding your organisation? 

We have registered our website as Travel Global Limited, so we are looking forward to establishing ‘Travel Nepal’. The aim here is to globalise our website to the point where a person in America will search ‘Travel’ and our website will pop-up. We wish to keep the authenticity of our model.

Has the pandemic affected you? If it has, then what do you expect from the times after pandemic?

I know that the pandemic has brought disaster for many firms, but I would proudly say that our team has worked the most during these times. We have succeeded to develop our new website and will hopefully launch it soon. Yes, it surely affected us financially. But I believe that only if a startup company manages to make the best out of a problem, it can lead in future.

If you weren’t the CEO of Travel BD, then what would you rather be?

I would probably have been a traveller. I would travel all around the world. 

Would you like to say a few words for our young readers?

I wouldn’t still consider myself as a successful entrepreneur. But from my experience, I would like to advise that if you want to start a business, keep in mind the way of generating capital from it. It is not necessary to follow others, be confident with your idea, make a strong business model and be innovative!

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