Firoze Alam has an impressive goal to ensure a world-class education for all.

Written by Ashna Salsabil

October 22, 2020

Firoze Alam

The Co-founder of World School of Bangladesh and the Founder of Social Justice Action Research Alliance, Mr Firoze Alam, is working to provide a world-class education to every child in Bangladesh. A few days back, we had a conversation and here’s what he had to say.

It is very selfish to live for yourself because everything is not about you, and you are not the center of your existence only.

Born and raised in a rural area, Firoze came to know about the drawbacks and the socio-economic condition of our country at a very young age. So he shifted to Dhaka and completed his graduation and started working as an Economics Teacher in an English Medium School and also as a high school Guidance Counselor. There he noticed a massive structural difference between the English and Bangla medium students, which in turn benefits the English medium students with facilities to live a better life.
He cited that seeing these disputes, they started World School of Bangladesh as they believed that World Class Education is a basic human right. Not a privilege also, no child should be deprived of it whatsoever. They started their journey with a school named PAGE at rural Bangladesh in 2009 and later on in 2019 launched it as an online education platform to materialize their dreams.

He also said that living at an Exponential time of digital disruption our education should be such that even after studying locally students can compete globally. For this reason, he lets his students know that the future ahead is very uncertain, and thus they have to work harder for success.

Again being a teacher, counsellor and researcher, Firoze worked in countries like Saudi Arabia and Canada and got the chance to see several outlooks of education. With all the dreams and aspirations in mind, he along with some of his students and family members started World School of Bangladesh till now it is functioning within their own capability using voluntary basis, but they are in search of fundings.
Moreover, this platform is not operated alone. Firoze founded another organization named Social Justice Action Research Alliance as a part of his ambitious journey. According to him, we live in a hyper-connective world, and to maintain communication, this is a very major step. In future through these, he wants to do something for the underprivileged people living in Canada for very pragmatic and obvious reasons.
When asked to give some advice to the students, he said that parents, teachers and guardians want their child’s good. But it is high time we made them understand. He advised learning the four C’s in life- critical thinking, collaboration, computing and creativity. This world is a tough place and students have to make their own space here.
Lastly, Firoze ended his conversation by mentioning a quote, he strongly believes “The gentle outlast the strong, the obscure outlast the obvious” by the famous philosopher Lao Tzu. We at Entreur wish him luck.

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